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  Von: Maria Birnkammer & Lisa May



Special report: Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

On February 18th, the students of both English LKs met their teachers Mr. Loibl and Mrs. Rippl at the train station in Moosburg in order to go to Munich to see and enjoy Arthur Miller’s drama "Death of a Salesman".

The play depicts the last couple of days in the life of Willy Loman, a 63-year-old Salesman who used to be quite successful in his job and has always considered himself "well-liked". Due to his age and mental decay he loses his job which puts his family into a difficult financial situation. Since he fails to deal with his personal catastrophe, he flees into illusions based on the memories of the past. The image of Willy’s brother, who became extraordinarily rich as an explorer, is constantly haunting him. Furthermore, Willy’s two sons Happy and Biff both leave him disappointed as they did not succeed in getting decent jobs and lived a promiscuous life-style. Willy’s relationship to his oldest son Biff is especially problematic because he has lost the respect for his father since he found out that his father had betrayed his wife on one of his trips. Linda, Willy’s wife, who actually had never been confronted with the affair, dearly loves her husband and tries to prevent Willy from drifting away into his surrealistic flashbacks. Eventually, Willy commits suicide in order to ensure his family a life without financial worries by leaving them the money of his life insurance.

The drama – a metaphor for the failure of the American Dream – was movingly brought on stage by the American Drama Group Europe in the Amerika Haus in Munich. The ensemble of British and American actors directed by Paul Stebblings succeeded in making the plot understandable for the student audience even though complicated psychological flashbacks required all our attention and sharpness of the brain.

For us as a part of the audience it was fun and an interesting evening which we hope will still be possible for students in the coming years!

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